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Pictoris photomontage & photo editing is the innovative photography app for easily creating funny photomontages to share with your friends. You can retouch your photos, resize, rotate, change their colors, and make collages. All completely free.

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Use powerful and intuitive editing tools to make your funny photo montages. Through the wizard mode, you can replace the face of your famous character with yours in a simple and fast way.

Have fun with your friends. Realizes in a few steps and easily funny photomontages adding special photo effects, stickers and text. Make your best friend a funny witch or your thin friend a macho man. Create photomontages for each holiday: Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas and Epiphany.

Retouch and adjust the size, rotation, illumination, contrast, and color of your photos or select one of our innovative photography filters to make your outstanding photos with just one touch.

Add picture frames by searching them directly online through the app. Add your own photos and create unique and realistic photo collages.

Share your photomontages, photo collage, or your retouched photos instantly with any contact, email or phone number directly from the app.

Create your own funny photomontages, photo collages and retouch your photos for free and easily.